About us

Goldenway International Pets is the world’s foremost specialist provider of pet and animal transportation and relocation services.

Our highly qualified staff have extensive experience of caring for and transporting animals, gained in both France and the UK. The Goldenway team’s specialised training and expertise ensure that all the needs of travelling pets are met to the highest quality standards and with maximum efficiency.

The philosophy we follow is simple – to relocate pets and animals to the same high standard expected by their owners when they travel themselves, at a reasonable cost.

For pet owners, we offer tailored services to suit individual requirements, including boarding, quarantining, transporting and documenting. We take responsibility for every last detail, so that our clients can focus on their own move with great peace of mind about the welfare of the animals they place in our care.

We are proud to work with major corporations and government organisations who need to facilitate the transportation of the pets of their relocating staff. We also partner with leading international relocation companies to relieve them of the specialised requirements involved in importing and exporting pets and other live animals across the world.

Goldenway’s comprehensive links with international carriers further ensure that we deliver a seamless and efficient service.

As international pet and animal transporter in France to have all its services vetted and approved by the French Government Department of Veterinary Services, Goldenway International Pets offers a safe pair of hands. To further ensure first class care and attention, we also have offices at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

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Goldenway International Pets is a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and ATA (Animal Transportation Association).

This website www.goldenwaypets.com is the official and only website for Goldenway International Pets, the worldwide pet and live animal transportation and relocation specialist.

We avow that at Goldenway International Pets, we do not buy or sell puppies or other animals. Please beware of some pet transportation companies that have been utilised by unscrupulous criminals to deceive people and commit fraud. These impostors have been known to use the logos of established companies as a front for selling and relocating puppies that don’t exist. If you are targeted by any ‘company’ using our name to offer animals for sale, kindly inform us immediately and we will report the fraud to criminal investigators.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of a company or its communication with you, please email Colette@goldenwaypets.com for further assistance.