Animal Transit Hotel

Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals, a freight forwarding company specialising in importing and exporting live animals, needed to provide, for the benefit of its customers and their pets a secure and comfortable waiting area both for animals during transit or awaiting collection by their owners

Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals therefore invested in their own Animal transit hotel, a fully equipped and functional hotel in which to hold pets in their care. The building is classified and the activity is authorised by ministry veterinary services and airport authorities.
Located in Cargo 4 zone at Roissy CDG airport, our station is ideally placed. Heated and air conditioned the building also has several security doors before each dedicated kennel and cattery areas which ensures that the animals are released from their transport cages in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

A few points about our Animal Transit Hotel:

  • Clients and animal reception:

This area is used to receive clients with pets and also to re-unite pets and owners. As a listed building our front door is kept locked at all times and entre into the kennel and cattery is only permitted to Goldenway staff, thus ensuring care and security for all pets.

  • A dedicated kennel area :

These kennels allow is to take dogs out of their transport cages within a secure area and place them for a short while in a larger individual kennel so they can recover after a long journey or rest and relax before their next flight or departure.

These boxes are intentionally placed back to back to improve the pets rest and comfort. Meanwhile we can check the animals’ wellbeing, provide food and medical care if necessary, clean the transport cage and prepare for the next flight. We can also take the dog for a walk to help its relaxation.

  • A dedicated cattery area :

Spaces for cats are also available to offer rest and relaxation for those awaiting flight, transiting or after a trip. Each cat has its own individual space with litter box, food and a basket in which to rest.

This space allows Goldenway International Pets team to care for the cat in a safe place, verify its comfort, provide food and if necessary medical care. Here they can even clean the transport cage and prepare it for the next trip

  • A space dedicated to new types of pets and other animals:

Some new types of pets can be very fragile during transportation and great care is of paramount importance.

Our dedicated area can accommodate and feed these animals in a comfortable and secure place which is heated or cooled according to their needs.

We can also provide cages suitable for different species and according to IATA Standards and all airline regulations.

  • A cleaning area :

This cleaning area ensures Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals fulfils its obligations as a freight forwarder to deliver animals in clean cages but also its responsibility towards the animals entrusted to our care.

Here we have the facility to clean transport cages when necessary, even wash the blankets and bath and dry pets that have soiled themselves, if there is enough time during the transit period.

This ensures a sense of comfort and wellbeing of the animal before its next departure, as we know that pets do not like soiled cages which causes them unnecessary stress.

  • Storage space :

A storage space dedicated to food and cleaning products, but also for transport cages and Skymats.

Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals is the official supplier in Europe of Skymats. These mats are used where there is no absorbent material in a transport cage. They are manufactured for the comfort and wellbeing of the pet during its flight, they are comfortable mats with a non-slip side, allowing the mat to remain securely in place. Finally they absorb any liquid and odour keeping the animal as clean as possible during its trip.

We can also replace when necessary cages that are broken or poorly adapted to the size of the animals and fails to comply with IATA standards.

  • Experienced and certified personal :

Goldenway International Pets & Live Animal ensures that its staff is experienced and qualified and have the expertise and ability to properly care for all types of live animals.

This staff can recognize the different signs exhibited by an animal of stress, dehydration or sickness that may cause problems on the next flight. Internal training is delivered and an internal procedure of how to deal with such problems must be followed by every employee. The majority of the staff also have IATA LAR training and transport of live animals training.

Finally all our vehicles are air conditioned and approved by the ministry vet services for the transport of live animals.