Border Inspection Posts

Importing pets or any live animal into any EU country, including France, requires passage through a Boarder Inspection Post.

The rules of import your pet must adhere to, depends on the country your pet is departing from.

For the correct information

  1. Contact the originating country’s department of animal health to determine if import health requirements are on file for the destination country.
  2. If not, contact the originating country’s Agricultural Officer at the Embassy or Consulate in the destination country. They should be able to provide the import health requirements in the language of the originating country.
  3. Alternatively, go to the country’s Department of Animal Health.

At import, all animals are inspected by the BIP vet on duty. Pets are checked for identification and paperwork such as the EU certificate which must be endorsed by the ministry of veterinary services in the country of departure.

BIP have dedicated facilities used exclusively for the handling of live animals.  All have fully trained personnel with experience in handling and care of pets and other live animals.

Every BIP follows the requirements given by the European Union for importing live animals (AVI)

General requirements

 Identification, Microchip (ISO compatible), must be implanted on the same day or prior to the rabies vaccination.

 EU health certificate, Government endorsed – valid for 10 days

 Valid rabies vaccination, at least 21 days prior to entry into any EU country

 Health certificate, issued within 10 days of travel

Additional requirements from counties with urban rabies

Rabies blood test, at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination. At least three months must elapse between the blood test and entry into the EU country.

The above requirements are just one part of the import process; there are also customs clearance and airline handling to be considered.

There are professional companies that can assist and care for your pets’ import into any one of the EU countries.  A professional service may be the preferred route to use, especially if language could be a barrier.

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