Our spacious cattery has individual boxes, each with inside and outside runs. In winter, these facilities are centrally heated day and night, while cats are kept cool and shaded in the summer months.

The cattery is visited regularly and cleaned daily. Every cat is stroked and handled each day by our trained carers.

Food is of the highest quality. Cat biscuits are available on demand and every evening fresh fish or premium cat food is served. Fresh water is a priority and constantly changed. Cats requiring a special diet can be accommodated.

Cattery admission requirements

On admission, cats are required to fulfil the following health conditions:

  • Identification microchip and/or tattoo.
  • Current vaccinations certificates against Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu, Herpes Virus, Feline Leukaemia, Rabies (depending of country of origin/French d├ępartement).
  • All cats must be free of ticks, fleas and worms. We reserve the right to charge for essential treatments if required.

We have a retained vet Dr. Lefebvre and he and his team are on call 24 hours a day. We will contact our vet at any time if we feel it is medically necessary. We will of course make every effort to contact our client at the same time.


The wellbeing and happiness of your cat is always paramount. If you require any more information, we would be delighted to discuss your needs personally by phone, fax or email.

To make a reservation for the cattery, simply contact us.