Export to Australia

kittenaus-orb-flagWe can assist clients through what seems like a complicated procedure in exporting pets to Australia. We will take care of the whole process, or part of it, according to your needs, including the essential paperwork.

Services available

  • Application for permit and reservation with quarantine: We will apply to Australian Quarantine Inspection Services for a permit and quarantine reservations for your pet, including French Ministry veterinary endorsements of the application. This is one of the first steps required to get your pet accepted into Australia.
  • Completion of Veterinary Health Certificate: This will cover all the veterinary visits, treatments, laboratory work and the Ministry veterinary endorsements required for bringing pets into Australia. Working closely with selected laboratories, we ensure that analyses are collated within the obligatory time, thereby guaranteeing the 10 day minimum quarantine.
  • Flight reservations: All flights for pets to Australia must be manifest cargo and need to be booked by a freight forwarder such as Goldenway with recognised qualifications in live animal exports. We will ensure your pet’s safe arrival using the best flights available with the right airline.
  • Quarantine notification: We will notify the quarantine authorities of the arrival of your pet, by fax and by email, giving flight information and confirmation that your pet has been received.
  • jackModified IATA approved flight kennels: We can supply flight-ready kennels (plastic or wooden) appropriate for Australia flights, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety during its journey.

For more information about our export services to Australia, please contact us.

“I am writing to tell you that Cinder arrived safely in Perth and has now finished his time in quarantine, he has settled well into our house here in Perth. We would like to thank you for making this experience a pleasant one and also for the care you took of Cinder.”
M. & J. Z. – Pet to Australia