Export to Tahiti

tahiti-orb-flagheader-image4Goldenway is perfectly equipped to assist clients through the complicated procedures involved in exporting pets to Tahiti and French Polynesia. We will take care of the whole process, or part of it, according to your needs, including the essential paperwork.

ATTENTION : Please note that all pets being exported to Tahiti require a 30-day period of quarantine prior to arrival. We are delighted to offer our own first-class quarantine in Normandy, France – the only facility for dogs and cats in mainland Europe operated in agreement with both the French and Tahitian governments.

In addition to our quarantine facilities, we can make all the necessary arrangements for transporting your pet to Tahiti.

Services available

  • Quarantine reservation: We will offer a space in our quarantine, preparing all the requirements and arranging your quarantine date.
  • Letter of confirmation of quarantine: We will supply the confirmation letter of a reservation in our quarantine that is required before you can apply for a permit to export your pet to Tahiti.
  • Application for permit: We can apply for an entry permit.
  • Flight reservations: We make all flight reservations as required, ensuring your pet’s safe arrival in Tahiti using the best flights available with the right airline.
  • Modified IATA approved flight kennels: We can supply flight-ready kennels (plastic or wooden) appropriate for Tahiti flights, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety during its journey.

cat2For more information about our export services to Tahiti and French Polynesia, please contact us.

“Thank you. Balkan has arrived on time and is in no way changed … it’s as if we had left the day before.”
E. T. – Dog to Tahiti

“Poeiti has arrived. He was ecstatic on seeing me and is in great shape. Now he discovers his new house and looks happy. Thank you.”
C. G. – Pet to Tahiti