Export to USA and the Americas

usa-orb-flaggoldenretGoldenway is fully experienced in assisting clients to steer through the often complicated process of exporting pets to all destinations in the United States and North, South and Central America.

We can offer a full service, caring for all the arrangements, or some of them, according to your needs, including the essential paperwork.

Services available

  • Application for an import permit: We will work together with agents to obtain any permit required for importing pets into the country involved.
  • Completion of health certificates: We can prepare and complete all the necessary documents. We can also arrange all the veterinary visits, examinations, tests and treatments that are required before exporting your pet, including French Ministry veterinary endorsements before the flight.
  • Flight reservations: We will ensure your pet’s safe arrival using the best flights available with the right airline.
  • Modified IATA approved flight kennels: We can supply flight-ready kennels (plastic or wooden) appropriate for long distance flights, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety during its journey.

For more information about our export services to USA and the Americas, please contact us.

parrot“Just to tell you that our dogs are safe in their American home. I want to share my sincere appreciation for your work. Once in contact with you, everything seemed so simple that I still cannot believe it! Long live Goldenway International Pets!”
E. F. – Dogs to USA

“They are in good health and all went well. Thank you again for you organisation, your kindness, patience and professionalism.”
A. Y. – Birds to Canada

“Thank you for your kindness. Your agency was very professional, much more than the others. I would not hesitate to recommend you.”
S. M. – Dog to Costa Rica

“Ernesto arrived well at home in Lima. Many thanks again for the excellent service, it’s a joy to have found you guys.”
P. J. – Pet to Peru