Exporting Worldwide


Goldenway has the specialised knowledge and experience to help clients export pets and animals anywhere in the world, eliminating the stress of trying to understand and comply with other countries’ regulations and requirements associated with animal importation.

We will take care of all the arrangements, or some of them, according to your needs, including the essential paperwork.

Services available

Depending on the destination country, a range of requirements may be involved. We can help with:

  • Application for an import permit: We will work together with agents to obtain any permit required for importing pets into the country involved.
  • Quarantine arrangements: If quarantine is stipulated prior to arrival, we can provide this at our own government approved facilities in Northern France. Alternatively, if quarantine is required on arrival in the destination, we can arrange local reservations as appropriate.
  • Completion of health certificates: We will prepare and complete all the necessary documents. We will also arrange all the veterinary visits, examinations, tests and treatments that are required before exporting your pet, including French Ministry veterinary endorsements before the flight.
  • Flight reservations: We will ensure your pet’s safe arrival using the best flights available with the right airline.
  • Modified IATA approved flight kennels: We can supply flight-ready kennels (plastic or wooden) appropriate for long distance flights, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety during its journey.

For more information about our export services to worldwide destinations, please contact us.

“Both Cara and I have arrived in Guinea safe and sound. I wanted to thank you for your assistance in Paris. It provided a great deal of peace of mind to me to know someone was with her and looking out for her during the transfer. I will most definitely recommend you to everyone I know travelling with a pet. I am very pleased with your company and the service I received.”
T. M. – Pet to Guinea