Relocating your family pets

The growth of the “Global Village” has led to a greatly increased demand for quality travel for owners and pets alike. Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals provides customised solutions for those who need to move between countries and continents.

Pets’s relocation worldwide

Relocating the family to a new home in a different country is stressful enough, without even considering the issues involved in moving family pets. In fact, discovering and interpreting another country’s import rules and regulations relating to animals can be an unexpected challenge.

For numerous countries, preparation for exporting a pet can start many months in advance and can include odious sanitary requirements and tests.

Owners of “new or exotic pets” may find that some countries don’t even have in place import rules and regulations, so import can be impossible.

Making sure your pet is comfortable during its travel time is also very important. IATA rules and regulations give standards to be followed to secure your pet’s safety and comfort during its flight. Pets arriving for export to an airport in an inadequate cage will be refused and turned away at the airline check before the flight registration.

Use a pet transport companie

Using a professional pet shipping company that offers 24 hour coverage on the airport for their clients is essential when considering travelling with your very important pet (VIP), especially if problems or an emergency arises.

Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals is in business to take the load off your shoulders. We specialise in transporting pets and animals worldwide, with the full approval of the French Government Ministry of Veterinary Services. Our aim is to deliver a seamless, stress-free service, with our caring and professional team, ready to assist with all the details and documents – and to alleviate all the concerns that arise when relocating pets to any destination across the globe.

Colette Robe-Hughes
Goldenway International Pets and Live Animals

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