Dear Joanne,
Hope all is well. We really appreciate the effort that you have all made to arrange the transport of our Mouse Lemurs at such short notice and will definitely use you first next time.
Take care

Sue (31.01.2014)


Here is a photo of Steve and Fenway reunited at last.
Thank you again for all of your help. We are so happy to have our dog back.
If there is ever a situation with importing a pet here, and we may be of help, please let us know the details. We understand how frustrating the process can be at times 🙂

Katie (24.01.2014)


Gidday Colette.
Replying on both our behalves
Just to say a sincere thank you for your assistance finding a new “second home” for Ninja (yes; I know its Nina…but she’s a Ninja to me!!!). This was truly very kind of you.
Nicki & Barbara have been back to us already & they have a spot for the Ninj.
Merry Christmas to you & all your “Crew”. And thanks again, for everything.

Ged. (24.12.2013)


Hello Colette,
Irving very kindly delivered Nina (and Bonnie) to us and thank you again for your generosity.
Nina has settled well. I kept her inside for a few days and now she is finding her way around the new neighbourhood. She has a tag on her collar with her name and phone number, just in case!
We have put up some covering on the back fence as the neighbour has a fish pond and there is barbed wire around the fence. Better to deter Nina from going into that garden!We have appreciated your care over the last 7 years to Nina and Bonnie, especially when Bonnie was not well and the way you cared for her. We will always be very grateful to you for that
Thanks again Colette, please say hello to Irving and Charlotte.
Kind regards,

Wendy. (10.12.2013)


Hi Colette,
Ellie made it to Vancouver safe and sound.
Thanks again for all your help.

Matt (05.12.2013)


Thank you for helping us with Wooden’s travel. He is safe and sound and adjusting well!

Kyle (13.09.2013)


Hi everyone,
Zeb is now safely with us in France. Thank you all so much for your help, we are ecstatic to have her back!
Here’s a pic of her and me in the garden. She actually seems pretty well — perhaps a bit jet lagged!

All best, Tom (22.08.2013)


Dear Charlotte,
Thanks for this organization, all was ok, the pet was delivered near 1 am this night.
Fanny was ok, and slept this morning (a little bit stress for this journey)
Thanks for your help,

Stephane Allix (18.08.2013)


Yes….Piper and Daisy are here and in fantastic shape…thank you! I appreciate all of your assistance with this. Lisa was wonderful too.
A big thank you to Keith, Colette and her team and Kyle and Lisa……Piper and Daisy were very well cared for from start to finish!
It was such a pleasure to work with all of you.

Lynne 24.07.2013


Very happy to report that Ilolas arrived safely in the Falklands at 1605hrs today. He is very lively and full of mischief!
Not great photos as he would not stand still for more than a second or two!!
Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.
Best wishes

Pauline & Iain (13.07.2013)


I can confirm that I picked Bailey up late Friday night. He was in great spirits and is happy to be home with us. Thank you for your help in getting him back to us and your patience with all of my questions!

R. Scott (29/04/2013)


Hi Colette
The cats are safely here exploring their new home. Thank you to you and your team SO much for having dealt with their transportation so efficiently.
All the very best

Richard (02/03/2013)


Hi Colette please find attached photos of Nouska. Thanks again for all your help. Nouska looked healthy and happy. I’ll send you some more photos once we have her from quarantine! Have a nice weekend

J. Rule (14/01/2013)


Thanks for everything, Colette… to you and your great team.
We felt that Anouck travelled in good conditions… Really thanks !

… (25/10/2012)


Our marvelous Anouck arrived in Muscat in good health !!!!
Many thanks to everyone for your help.
We are so happy to have welcomed Anouck in Oman with us.
See you for a next adventure in few months when we come back to France with her !
Meantime… we are going to enjoy it now here in Muscat altogether.
Anouck’s family.



Greetings from America!!

Colette – – the cats arrived safely last night – – we are all reunited and happy. Spike, Abbey and Mimolette are doing very well. Starwood Animal Transport did a great job and we also thank you, again, for arranging the travel of our dear pets!

We will recommend your agency to our Paris friends who may need pet services!

With Appreciation!

Elizabeth Woolsey (25.02.2012)


THANK YOU for this information! My husband, James, has all the paperwork, the Carnet de Santé for each cat, and blankets for the cages. Spike, Abbey and Mimolette are ready to go!

Thank you, also, for all the work you’re doing to make sure our pets have a safe and smooth flight! Don’t know what we would have done without you.

Bon Continuation!

Elizabeth (22.02.2012)


Dear Alex,

Thank you for your message. Yes R-Rex arrived in LA safe and sound, just a bit stressed from his journey and desperate for a pee! He is now happily installed here and seems to be fine. Thank you once again for your services-I will certainly recommend your company to colleagues that may be moving.

Julie (14.02.12)


Hi Alex

Thank you so much for all your help with transporting Jake to Houston! I was very happy with all your services and would be delighted to recommend you all to my friends and family! Jake is very thankful to be home. I really appreciated all your help and guidance through this process and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you & Best Regards

Amy Twiddy (18 October 2011)


Many thanks to Colette and the team at Chenil les Mille Calins for looking after Sam and Sally for their six month quarantine period. Particular thanks to Benjamin and Pascaline who obviously bonded so well with the dogs and cared for them on a day to day basis. We were full of anxiety leaving them for so long but we know that they were well looked after throughout. They have come home happy and healthy and ready for their new life in the UK. We are so grateful that we were able to leave Sam and Sally in such a caring environment. We will be recommending you to all our friends. Thanks again,

Jenny & Alex (05 September 2011)


Dear Colette,

I am writing to tell you that Cinder arrived safely in Perth and has now finished his time in quarantine, he has settled well into our house here in Perth.

I am sorry it has taken me a while to email you but we have had major problems setting up our internet and have been without email for the past three weeks.

We would like to thank you for making this experience a pleasant one and also for the care you took of cinder.

I have attached a photo of cinder relaxing here at the house.

Once again thank you.


Martin and Janet Zuiderwijk (Dec 2011)


Hi Colette

I think Goldenway are just amazing! Your service is absolutely superb. Nothing is too much trouble and I feel very confident entrusting my dogs to you tomorrow.

Irving and his colleague (sorry, can’t recall his name now) were there to meet us, the dogs had a lovely walk in the park, and Irving very kindly organised a can of food for them, because I’d had mine confiscated at Nice Airport (stupid of me not to put it in one of the kennels). Anyway, the dogs are all sleeping peacefully now, and I think I’m going to get an early night!

I gave Irving the form, but you’ll need to fill in the amount.

Many thanks for everything.

Gilly (07/06/11)



We would like to thank you for all the help you provided in this journey. This would not have been possible without you. I will always appreciate all you did to make them come home. They are as happy as they can be. They are still a bit off and Bojangles cries a lot. I guess my babies miss their Africa. From my husband and I, but also from all the Abidjan evacuees you helped we say THANK YOU!

PS Next time we personally will take the dogs out to avoid all this drama ha! We promise!


Rilla (25/03/2011)


Thank you also, Colette.

I am very satisfied with the service you gave and delighted our cats are safely back in NZ. It’s a long journey for them.

All the best

Sarah (20/01/2011)



Just wanted to send you a short note to say thanks! Ernesto arrived well at home in LIma. Many thanks again for the excellent service; it’s a joy to have found you guys

Patricio (11/12/2010)


Hi Colette!

The babies got in on Wednesday and I just got in yesterday. They are happy and in perfect health. Thank you so much for all of your help! You guys are the best!


Caroline Jelavich (03/12/2010)


Dear Colette,

Thank you very much and to the whole team there!!!!. Johan and I made it back to our home safely ! Thanks for everything and to you my best and highest regards for all of your patience and help. It was an amazing trip for Johan and me and you helped complete it with the safe return. Many regards.

I was wondering what happened to the stickers/label I had on the crate..one was a paw print and one was one that said Dog is my co-pilot? Did you have to take them off to put other labels on?? Just curious.

Best Regards,

Michelle (03/11/2009)


Hi Colette,

The boys are back home safely, they look great and have settled in again very quickly. A big thanks to you, Irving and the other guys who have looked after them so well for the last 6 months.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services, if you ever need a reference for anyone do not hesitate in giving them my details. I believe that you will be looking after another long term dog coming from the Sudan for Kate Hutton, it was us that recommended you guys to her. I am sure Kate will be as pleased as we are.

Again many thanks

Darren, Alison, Jack, Grace and of course Chewy and Moss (Oct 2009)


Dear Ms. Colette

Thank you ever so much for everything you and your staff have done for the safe delivery of my two cats.

I really appreciated your help, patience and understanding throughout the process.

Everything was brilliant!!!

Many, many, many….thanks!!!!

Kind regards

Sandra Oricchio (08/10/2009)



Thank you for all your assistance transporting Bella to the United States. We picked her up this morning. She was very excited to see us and quite happy and healthy. I will certainly recommend your company for anyone that may require pet transport in the future.

Best regards,

James Filsinger – CEO & General Manager (22/08/2009)


Colette and Irving,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know Maggie arrived safe and sound. She was in excellent spirits and seems completely unaffected by the journey. In fact, she got home and started chasing her old buddy the cat as if she never left for France. Thank you for the excellent, prompt and efficient service. You guys are fantastic!

Mike (29/07/2009)


Dear Colette,

Well we all went to visit Amber on Sunday. At first she didn’t look up to see who was coming into her kennel, then she sniffed Amy (her owner aged 16 ½ ) and Patrick (almost 14) and became very excited. She is looking very well indeed. Her coat is in great condition, perhaps thanks to all those weekly baths back with you and she is a little less heavy which is a good thing. She was played with, stroked and had plenty of tummy rubbing! Tim and I took time out from work on Monday and went across for visiting between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm. We thought it was important to show her we’re coming back. We’ll keep regular visits going which will be easier as of next week as the kids will be on a fortnight’s holiday. Amber is due out on Monday 5th May. The staff are very pleasant and seem to be efficient however it’s still a little hard to see them confined in a fairly small area. Thank goodness Amber is so young and good-natured and it is only for 4 weeks in all!

Thank-you very much for everything you did for her at your end. It wouldn’t have been so easy without you.

We’ll keep in touch.

Best wishes

Chris – The Chapman Family (April 2008)


Hi Colette,

Thank you for your email. Capucine arrived safe and sound on Friday evening, full of energy! She was literally bouncing off the walls the entire Friday night. She has settled in nicely and we just LOVE having her around. Thank you for everything you have done.

Kind regards,



Dear Colette,

Thank you very much for all your efforts and hard work in getting Capucine back to Cape Town. I don’t know what I would have done without your help! Thank you for your patience and guidance.

I am collecting her tonight at 10:30 pm and simply cannot wait!

Kind regards,

Christine (Oct 2007)



The pets arrived and have comfortably settled in. I was very pleased with their appearance upon arrival. Both the animals and their cages were clean, which I am sure was a difficult process for such a long trip.

Thanks so much for taking such good care of our pet transport,

Theresa Dixon (15.08.2007)


Both Cara and I have arrived in Guinea safe and sound. I wanted to thank you for your assistance in Paris. The gentleman that met us at the airport was terrific. He was friendly, understanding and Cara took to him very quickly, she is a good judge of character. While I know this service is not part of your normal service, it provided a great deal of peace of mind to me to know someone was with her and looking out for her during the transfer.

I will most definitely recommend your company to everyone I know traveling with a pet. In addition, I will contact you when I transfer again. I am very pleased with your company and the service I received. So again thank you — and Cara thanks you too.


Tim Markley (August 2007)


Dear Colette,
Just a quickie to let you know Kaani, Mischief and Liam all arrived in South Africa safe and sound. We were amazed how well they looked – no stress at all unlike Peter and myself who had all kinds of dramas with shippers and a lost suitcase in Paris!
We would like to say a very big “thank you” to you and your team for making the move go so smoothly. From helping out with paperwork, to Irving for collecting and delivering them, and for the 5 star treatment they received whilst in your care. Also Estelle Fourie and her team here in South Africa did a first class job making the whole operation completely stress free.
I hope we never have to move again, but I would certainly have no hesitation recommending you most highly to anybody re-locating.
Thought you may enjoy these couple of pics taken at the weekend.
Kindest regards,

Linda, Peter, Kaani, Mischief and Liam


Thanks for all of your help — and easy access to reach you when I had a question! Rocket is fine-if a bit tired and frustrated with his parents who subjected him to the ordeal-again.
I was thrilled with your service and attentiveness, Thank you so much for your help!


Sarah Foss (22/02/06)


Dear Colette and all your staff
I just had to write to thank you all for your kind help moving Jess, your understanding of my situation was so kind and I know I was a little over the top with worry but you all made me feel at ease and able to leave you to it while I looked after getting myself and my children back Home. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me (beyond all expectations), I would definitely recommend you and your service to any one. Thank you again

Mary Adams (January 2006)


Colette and Cookie
I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to thank you for all of your help with Baron. He Made it to my parents house yesterday in good shape (and very happy to be out of the crate ). You both made the process very easy for us so thank you!

Kelly Tait (15/11/05)


Colette and Irving,
Having done it myself six months ago, I know how hard it is to say good-bye to Winifred.
I just want to say again how good it’s made us feel to know that she’s with such kind and competent people as yourselves.
I wish I believed that there was some higher power that would reward you for your good deeds. As it is, I hope we can meet some day and I’ll be happy to buy you a drink (or several).
We’ll let you know after our first visit with Winnie in quarantine and will send you a photo in a month when we’re all reunited.

Best regards,

Whit (19/10/05)


Dear Colette,
Thanks for your email.
I spent 4 days with my dogs and they are really sweet, Everything is now OK. I think they were only disturbed cause of the few days spent before the departure from Johannesburg.
I just wanted to say thank you for the quality and the efficiency of your advice and service.
Should I require help in the future with another pet transportation, I will definitely contact you and work with Goldenway again.
Kind Regards

Benoit Sackebandt (04/10/05)


My pet laika was recently shipped from Paris to Katmandu by Goldenway, she arrived in Paris on June 17th and was transferred, We were very happy with the service we received. Thank you. We will happily recommend your company to others in the future.

Ruthanne and William Taylor (09/08/05)


Shadow our Germand Shepherd was left with Colette and her able stafdf for the 6 months before returning to the UK. It is always traumatic having to leave your pet for such a long period of time but they made me feel very comfortable about it with their obvious affection for the animals. In addition to the excellent care provided by Goldenway, they responded to a freak illness Shadow had promptly and urgently ensuring she got the best veterinary care available in Paris. Based on this alone we would give the kennels a first class recommendation.

Sarah Divis (06/10/03)



Holly arrived safely in Cincinnati on Monday evening, She was happy to see us and didn’t seem to be phased by the long plane ride. Thanks so much for your assistance. I know that she was much better off having you watch over her and organize her journey than she would have been if we’d done it ourselves. A million thanks for everything.

Debby Fritsch (21/08/03)


Hi Colette
I am very sorry not to have written to you earlier.
We all want to say how much we appreciate your company’s great service and the special care that you took of Rimu while he was with you and on his way to us.
He arrived in Fantastic condition although he took some time to get really fit again, mind you I needed to get fit also and we started slowly. Thank you once again for looking after Rim so wonderfully.

Dave Stewart (26/05/03)


To Derek @ Shady Spring and Colette @ Goldenway International Pets
Snappy arrived safely and is fine, we are home and all of us are happy, Thank you both so much for your excellent care of Snappy.

Pam Harris (21/11/02)


Just a note to say thank you very much for all the work you did in getting Barko to us, particularly the walks etc., he enjoyed in Paris. We know that it was not the most straightforward of shipments therefore we appreciate all the extras that you took care of to get him back to his family. As you say he is a great dog, and well worth the extra effort to get back. He has now settled again and it is like we have never been apart. He is still the same old Barko. I think the great job you did minimised the trauma of travel for him! Thank you ever so much once again …..and if I ever hear of anyone wishing to ship their pets through France I wouldn’t hesitate to give them your details. All the very best.

Vince, Louise, Sam and Daniel (18/04/02)


Hi Colette
I just want to say thanks again for tending to Alex and Nicky during their Paris transfer. They finally go to Islamabad at 10.55 hours today. The customs procedures and vet check went fine and I was able to take possession of them at about 11.30. They’re adjusting rather quickly to their new home and don’t seem to be “mad” at me for putting them through yet another long plane ride.
I’m going to make sure that the shipping and travel people at the US Embassies in Antananarivo and Paris have your contact information so they can refer other potential customers. Other folks experiencing the same animal transportation problems that I did will be delighted to find out about you and Goldenway.
All the best

Linda Wood (16/01/02)


Recommendation for shipping pets overseas
Some months ago I was faced with a problem of shipping my dog from France to Australia. The strict quarantine requirements for entering Australia made this a complicated process. During a five month preparation period, at least eleven visits to a veterinarian were required, some to the chief veterinary officer of the departement. There was also the question of arranging a flight to Australia as well as transporting my dog to Paris from distant western Brittany.
Finding myself unable to face these added complications on top of packing up my home for removal, I sought the help of a professional pet transport firm and was fortunate to find Goldenway International Pets, who collected my dog and did everything necessary. Despite unexpected additional problems raised by the French authorities, Goldenway Pets handled the whole affair with great skill. During several weeks in their Normandy Kennels my dog received excellent attention, being taken on long and interesting walks at least twice a day and sleeping in heated accommodation – it being winter at the time. He was in excellent shape on arrival in Sydney.
For anyone contemplation moving a pet overseas, Goldenway International Pets has my warmest recommendation.

R.J.Lampert (20th June)


When we decided to leave South Africa for the United Kingdom we looked at several quarantine options for our pet cat Jemima (Jimmi). After careful consideration we decided to send her to Colette who owns Goldenway International Pets.
When Jimmi arrived in Paris and her documents presented to the airport vet / customs officials, it was found that vital information was missing. Colette went out of her way to sort the situation out, which took several days and numerous trips to the airport. I really don’t know what we would have done without her.
During Jimmi’s stay Colette kept in constant contact with us giving us updates on Jimmie’s antics i.e. climbing onto the back of the girl who cleaned her accommodation each time she bent over! ((jimmi used to be constantly on my daughters back in South Africa and has carried on the tradition in the UK as can be seen in the photo).
When it was time to collect Jimmi from Goldenways after the six months were up, it was like meeting an old friend with Colette making us very welcome at her home, which is surrounded by beautiful French country side. Jimmi was in excellent health and to our great relief still remembered us. The kennels and cattery were spotless and the animals all looked so well kept.
We still keep in contact but now it is letting Colette know how Jimmi is doing!!
We would highly recommend Goldenways to anyone needing to find alternative to quarantine / holiday accommodation for their beloved pets.
Kind Regards


My wife and I give our highest recommendation and praise to Colette and John at Goldenway International Pets. We arrived at CDG with our fourteen-year-old Springer Spaniel, and they were right there to assist and comfort three weary travellers. They are true professionals who know what they’re doing.
Their competence, caring and gentle manner will make them a must for our itinerary whenever possible.”

Pepper and Priscilla de Callier Del Mar, California


Colette, I would have called but it is fairly late in France so I thought it best to email. I wanted to let you know that Justin and Jordan made it to Cincinnati just fine. They both looked great and were in great spirits. Claudia and I would like to thank you for all your assistance in safely transporting Justin and Jordan. We are very relieved that they have made the journey back to the United States without any difficulties whatsoever. Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime you would like! Again, thank you so much.

David and Claudia.