Ministry Approved

Goldenway International Pets meets its obligations as a high quality transporter, importer and exporter of pets and animals by being vetted and fully approved by the French Government Department of Veterinary Services (DDCSPP).

Our government approvals assure our clients that all required standards relating to the comfort, care and safety of their pets are met. All pets and animals are cared for by qualified expert staff. All the procedures involved in our relocation services are dealt with promptly and accurately and should any problems arise, our professional staff are on hand to deal competently with them.

All our vehicles are approved by the relevant authorities. They are required to meet stringent standards of comfort, cleanliness and security, ensuring that all our vehicles are spacious, air conditioned and safe.

We are proud to say that Goldenway is the only animal transporter and relocator to have all its services officially approved by the French Government Department of Veterinary Services at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.

We always recommend clients to exercise their right to verify that the animal transporter of their choice has the legal right to move their pets. Our ministry approvals are available for inspection:

  • DDCSPP Ministry approved for animal import and export, national and international, Approval no. 61195001
  • DDCSPP Ministry approved for animal transport, Approval no. 61095